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Kreefs In The Deep Blue / Middle Sea

Bryan Little has been making movies for about 15 years and surfing for over 20. His last film, ‘The African Cypher’, received critical acclaim locally and internationally, winning a list of awards with the word ‘Best’ in them. Aside from taking home a couple trophies, Bryan also co-founded Fly on the Wall productions in 2004, directed a U2 music video once, spent a weekend with Werner Hertzhog and has looked at an orb spider with Sir David Attenborough on the side of the M3. As brilliantly weird as he is, Bryan is also a leading pioneer in the genre of Future_Film (which is something that he might have just made up) and ultimately, we couldn’t be more stoked that he is currently making a psychedelic surf film from the Elandsbay ‘dustbowl’…


Film-maker Bryan Little and co camp out in the Weskus mid-winter ahead of his new surf film DEEP BLUE / MIDDLE SEA.

Bryan has built his life around being near the ocean but despite being an addicted surfer, he has never filmed or included surfing or the ocean in any of his work. Until his latest surf film – DEEP BLUE / MIDDLE SEA. “This has been intentional,” says Bryan, “Surfing is something sacred to me, not to be tainted by work. The ocean is a place I go to to wash the dirt of the world off. But now, I finally feel ready to try and let my work be sacred too.”


Where do we escape to? Illustration from DEEP BLUE / MIDDLE SEA story-board by Bryan Little.

Bryan has spent this year exploring the sensations and residue of what the beloved west coast has given him. The film title DEEP BLUE / MIDDLE SEA is a play on the words of philosopher David Chalmers, about the relationship between sensation and consciousness. “It is an interwoven story where fiction and non-fiction co-exist; as do memory and dreams”, says Bryan. But not only is DEEP BLUE / MIDDLE SEA a film, it is also a collaborative cultural project. “I am approaching the film as a celebration of the west coast and ocean in general, with surfing as the vehicle for exploration,” says Bryan.


Sculptor Barry Barichievy angle grinds his face for the 10days&10nights project.

The film is structured around the 10days&10nights project which will culminate in a live music experience at the end called FERAL FEST (but more on that later vagabonds). This project is something Bryan and his friends have always joked about, but never thought they would do – stay in the Elandsbay ‘dustbowl’ campsite for ten days and ten nights, where, according to Bryan, “you will turn into a kreef and never re-integrate back into society.” Bryan is currently in Elandsbay with Art Director Dane Dodds. They are six days in, with four more to go before the rest of the team pull in for the 10days&10nights project.


“This is what a Tuesday on the Weskus looks like,” says Bryan Little, who is currently camping out ahead of the 10days&10nights project.

When we say ‘the rest of the team’ this is what we mean: For the past six months Bryan has been recruiting and inviting musicians, sculptors, artists, a coastal forager, underwater wildlife filmmakers, conservation biologists, drone pilots – all who have an intrinsic love for the west coast and have volunteered their time and skills to the 10days&10nights project. Over this time, the DEEP BLUE / MIDDLE SEA film will be shot.


Barry Barichievy working on one of his sculptures for the 10days&10nights project. Rumour has it that the finished sculptures will be filmed under water…

There are also number of ‘community involvement’ spinoffs happening too, which will be included in the scenes of the film. The Boardbox and 9mile Surf Club will be donating boards and wetsuits to the local kids as well as surf lessons during the 10days&10nights project. “We cannot ignore the stark reality of life for the locals who live on the west coast (and I don’t mean the potato farmers ),” says Bryan.


Foraging for kelp with the crew on the Weskus.

Together with the art directors, Bryan will also be running theatre workshops to involve interested locals in the production of the theatrical elements of the project. Locals will also be hired to provide food and any other assistance on specific projects. “We will do what we can to give back,” says Bryan.

Preparation for the giant Kreef props / characters.

Preparation for the giant Kreef props / characters which will be featuring in the film.

The experience will culminate in a music festival in the campsite this September. They are calling it FERAL FEST (but it would exist without a name too). “Imagine Africaburns but small and potent by the sea…” as Bryan describes it.

Dane Crustafarian / Sputnik props currently being built from the dustbowl...

Dane Crustafarian / Sputnik props currently being built from the dustbowl…

“I don’t have a tribal dance, there are no manhood rituals for me. Sitting round this fire with my friends, drinking, making music, boerie and kreef on the braai, surfing these west coast waves… this is my culture.” – J Bones / ‘the dronk kreef’

If this sounds mildly familiar, join the rest of kreefs in the ‘dustbowl’ for a live music experience at FERAL FEST this September and watch this space for DEEP BLUE / MIDDLE SEA, South Africa’s most beautifully surreal surf film yet. Coming soon to a campfire near you.


FERAL FEST DETAILS (just in case you can’t read the poster)

WHEN: Friday and Saturday night,  9-10 September 2016

WHERE: Elandsbay Campsite, West Coast

MUSIC BY: Featuring the West Coast Wolves with friends, Grassy Spark, (*acoustic jam) The Shabeen, Ryan Kidwell (The Little Kings), The Brothers Remedy (Crimson House Blues) & Roosta & The Mosquito.

ADMISSION: There is NO admission charge for the event, other than a camping fee. BYOB.

MORE INFO: Check out the FERAL FEST Facebook event HERE and the 10days&10nights project HERE.

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    Great Post!! SUPER AMPED FOR THIS!!! Guys/Ladies/Kreefs ..if you have any old Boards, Suits , Booties gathering Crust in your Garage.. please drop them off at The Board Box Surf Factory on 30 Marine Drive Paarden Eiland so we can fix them up and donate them to 9Miles Project. They are going to be doing a Surf empowerment Camp for the kids in Elandsbaai over the Feral Fest Weekend. Giving back to the community is Irie!

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