19 August, 2019 19 August, 2019

Kite Surfer Tows Bromdog Into a Donkey Pit

We’ve seen some pretty crazy content come out of the Donkey this year, from the first swell that gave us a golden piece of video content from Douw Steyn and Michael Veltman too Luke Slijpen getting wrecked and of course Koa Smiths barrel in 3rd person. Now it’s given us something altogether different in the form of Keahi de Aboitiz towing Matt Bromley into a bomb with his Kite Surfer! It was just too crazy to not get a word in from Matt:

“Aaaah man firstly was so pumped to get the desert cooking again. We honestly wait all year for it. Unfortunately missed the first big west swell, I was at a buddy’s wedding. Keahi de Aboitiz, 4 x World Kite Surfing champ was staying with us. He does the craziest stuff on the water, charges huge barrels in Fiji and out at Teahupoo. So he approached me and said, hey if there any 8 footers that are too nuts to paddle into he’d give me a tow, I couldn’t really believe what he just said (laughs). The first day we tried when the swell was a little small and the tow just ripped out of my hands, just too much unanticipated power. Then, on the second day when the swell arrived, it wasn’t really too crazy to paddle but Keahi was pumped to give it another crack and right on cue this bomb came through, reeling towards us and I was so nervous we were gonna blow it. He took off really nice and slow for me this time, it was honestly such an awesome feeling getting whipped into one at the Donkey. The wave turned out to be such a nugget, I got three sick barrels. All in all, a really epic and unique experience would love to do that on a bigger 10 footer.”

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  1. Warrick
    22 August, 2019 at 12:00 pm · Reply

    “Keahi de Aboitiz towing Matt Bromley into a bomb with his Kite Surfer!” With his kite (and directional board), yes. His kitesurfer, NO! Come on Zag, this could have been written by a landlocked granny that hasn’t ever seen the ocean before, let alone having any knowledge of watersports. As surfers and riders of other watercraft, we expect a little better. Love the Zag, but the quality of some of the in-house articles (print and online) in recent times is a little concerning.

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