10 August, 2017 10 August, 2017

Just Jeffreys – A Lines Original

During the Corona Open J-Bay, we witnessed Calvin ‘Junior’ Thompson, former-employee of Zigzag, hustling round the contest site, camera in hand, with the aim of capturing every action-worthy shot possible. After a number days, Calvin was looking weathered, tired and sleep deprived. We thought we’d invite him to the Zag house and treat him to a hearty breakfast, which would include fresh cherry tomatoes, a coupla oranges and load him up on effervescent Berocca tablets to get him back on track. We didn’t get round to it. But what we didn’t know, was that Calvin and his team at Lines (Dylan Thomas Silk) were about to drop a red hot clip of the Corona Open J-Bay event.

We’re calling it the best edit of the event. But don’t let us persuade you, Click play and decide for yourself.

Just Jeffreys – A Lines Original from Lines on Vimeo.

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