14 November, 2017 14 November, 2017

Joshe and Adin – An Ode to Friendship

Joshe Faulkner and Adin Masencamp are two peas in a pod. During the Ballito Pro earlier this year, they spent entire days chasing each other round with a can of rose flavoured air freshner. First Joshe running away from Adin, then Adin running from Joshe. While the girls in the house prepared their make-up for a night of bumping and grinding to horrendous music courtesy of CRUSH, Joshe and Adin chased each other round the house, scented air freshener in hand.

But it ain’t always rose flavoured air freshener between the two. During the ISA Games they encountered a bit of an altercation where they ended up bashing each other’s boards in. But the rose flavoured air freshner has once again returned to their friendship with Joshe currently staying with Adin in CT. And they’ve gone from bashing boards, to bashing rotations out the lip. Nothing like a bit of forgiveness between brethren.

All image: Ian Thurtell


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