15 September, 2017 15 September, 2017

Jordy Smith vs Frederico Morais

If you spend your days drudging away behind a laptop with a boss starring over your shoulder making sure you’re delivering on Key Performance Areas, you probably didn’t stay up to the vampire hours of Friday morning to witness the Jordy vs Frederico match-up.

But damn if you know anything about professional surfing, you know, very well, that that heat was always going to be cracker! As soon as the Portuguese stallion finds some open face and lets go of that elongated tall man carve, the judges drink it up like a hipster to Kombucha and shower him with rudely high scores. But our boy Jords, he knew this and he said it himself, “…you got to out-Fredrico Fredrico!”.

Jordy waited till the back end of his duel against Frederico to unleash his highest score, a 9.43 to take the lead. And then paddled straight back out and sat almost on top of the man, smiling, as the judges read out the scores. And that claim! The Ninja Turtle claim. OMG, crazzyyyy! But when you’re doing surfing like that, under the gun, you can do whatever claim you want.

So J-Sizzle is into the semifinals where he will go up against Ace Buchan. John John Florence still has to surf his Quarterfinal heat against Jeremy Flores. If JJF loses to Flores, then our boy Jords extends his lead. If not. Well then we’ll just have to wait and see.

Watch the heat recap below.

But we actually advise that you watch the full heat on heat analyzer right here.

And then also be sure to watch the Post Show Report, it’s a banger, and it has a lot of Jordy in it. Click here.

Image: WSL / Kenneth Morris

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