10 January, 2017 10 January, 2017

Jordy Maree Claims 5th At World Juniors

Young Jordy Maree is a star on the South African surf scene having won multiple junior events, SA champs and representing his country several times. And now Jordy has made a name for himself on the international stage by coming 5th at the WSL World Junior Championships – without a sticker on his board. Jordy took down some of the best junior surfers in the world only to lose in the quarter finals to Ethan Ewing who went on to win the event. We caught up with Jordy to find out what was behind such a big result and what his plans are for the year…

Zigzag: You’re no stranger to the World Junior events, what would you say was different this year for you to achieve such a big result?

Jordy: Yeah the main difference this year for me is that I have put a lot more determination and effort into my surfing which means shorter but more intense surf sessions and little things like waking up early and being in the water before everyone. I’ve been working a lot with my coach Chris Bond and DVG shapes and just trying to do a few small adjustments. I have been trying to make my surfing more polished and start training hard this year to achieve my goals. Not having a main sponsor has given me more determination to do well and work hard at my surfing .

Jordy Maree's powerful, vertical backhand earned him some big scores. © WSL

Jordy Maree’s powerful, vertical backhand earned him some big scores. © WSL

How would you explain your head space for this event?

I always try keep my mental headspace positive and just enjoy surfing which means I can perform at my best and keep that one goal I have at the time in mind .

How were the conditions throughout the contest?

The conditions were hard , small and fairly weak. The waves made it hard for me but I changed my mindset and just played to my strengths and surfed as hard as possible . My last heat against Ethan Ewing was hard because not mamy waves came my way and I felt like I just needed one fairly decent wave to perform on.

Jordy getting his charm on during a post heat interview. © WSL

Jordy getting his charm on during a post heat interview. © WSL

How do you feel going into the upcoming WQS events in Aus?

I’m feeling good about going into these QS events this year. I’ve got some good boards under my feet thanks to DVG shapes and I have more drive this year to do well than ever before.

What have you learned from this event in Aus?

The main things I have learnt and observed is that I could do more physical training out the water. And yeah, just try and work on my surfing in areas that I have small weaknesses that I could improve.

Jordy warming up before the event. © Chris Bond

Jordy warming up before the event. © Chris Bond

Which junior competitors do you look up to? 

I think Ethan Ewing and Griffin Colapinto influence me to change the way I do things and to focus on fixing my weaknesses to make me a better surfer and keep my surfing results consistent.


Do you feel the junior contests in South Africa last year were beneficial for you?

The South African contests are very beneficial for a junior surfer like myself because there are a lot of good surfers and growing talent to help push myself and get me closer to achieving my goals.

Are you still in school? What are your plans going forward?

I am currently doing final year with Cambridge which I have taken a extra year to finish my syllabus . My plans are to push my surfing and train harder out the water and to just enjoy it.

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