19 July, 2017 19 July, 2017

Jordy & Conner to Re-Surf R5 Heat

Jordy and Conner will have to re-surf their round 5 duel. This due to the fact that the judges missed one of Conner’s waves at the beginning of the heat. What’s going on here!? Boats getting caught by sets! Judges missing waves! And if you haven’t yet heard, this is the second heat Jordy’s had to re-surf. In his round 4 battle, a man in a grey suit stopped proceedings as the heat was drawing to a close with Jordy in the leading position, and now this.

Damn, can they just let the big man through a heat without calling a re-surf every five minutes? 

If you missed the action, don’t worry guys, they’ll probably ask Jordy to re-surf the heat anyway. Images: Ewing

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