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Joe Rogan Experience ft. Kelly Slater

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is a long-form conversation hosted by comedian Joe Rogan with friends and guests that have included comedians, actors, musicians, MMA fighters, authors, artists, and now the youngest and the oldest Surfer to win the world title, Kelly Slater. 

If you manage to get past the first 10 minutes recapping Kelly’s broken foot, you’ll have to grit out another half hour or so before surfing relevance strikes again. Still, it’s a pretty good break from the conventional garbage we hear on the daily. Below the video, a carefully compiled timeline to maximize your viewing/listening experience. Crack on. 


0:18 Discussion of how Kelly Slater broke his foot, why he’s in California, Introduction
9:30 Uriah Faber vs Aldo discussion, leg kicks, good leg kickers
11:50 Pride, K-1, and older days of fighting discussion
14:00 Flexibility, Yoga, and Jiu-jitsu
16:02 Breathing techniques, the importance of proper breathing, the benefits
18:10 Foot Volleyball (Sepak Takraw)
21:14 Saenchai and Muy Thai talk
22:19 CM Punk discussion
25:07 Logan Paul discussion
26:03 Joe Rogan and his relationship with Dana White
26:46 Joe’s commentary, working with Daniel Cormier and Dominick Cruz
28:00 Daniel Cormier vs Stipe Miocic
28:34 McGregor rematch, Tony Ferguson vs Khabib, Tony as a person
30:40 Mexican fighters and their impressive cardio, cardio discussion in general
33:32 Jon Jones discussion, Jon vs Gustafson
34:36 Cormier vs Lewis, Derrick Lewis discussion, Cormier discussion
36:05 Ngannou vs Lewis, Ngannou discussion
37:44 Joe Rogan and Kelly Slater on happiness, dream job, fulfillment, the future for Kelly Slater
39:04 Strength and conditioning discussion, diet talk
40:05 Kelly Slater background, his beginnings
47:15 Ping Pong talk
48:35 Joe Rogan on being fair to people who are experts, you don’t need experience to talk about something (contradicts earlier things he said)
49:19 Don “The Dragon” Wilson
50:10 Hand-walking, walking on your hands
52:44 Surfing talk 🌊🏄
56:55 Obligatory Judging in MMA Talk
57:53 Judging and Point Scoring in Surfing
1:01:05 Physics and details of waves, skill and technique to riding them, wiping out
1:02:35 Injuries in surfing, insane surfing stories
1:10:50 Story of surfer getting knocked out while surfing, almost drowning
1:12:25 Wildlife in the water, sharks and dangers of surfing, Jaws
1:15:34 Seeing sharks
1:17:00 Crocodiles, crazy crocodile story, how scary crocodiles are
1:20:45 Feeding a crocodile, misconceptions about crocodiles
1:27:47 Extinct Giant Crocodiles, shark discussion
1:29:20 Megaladon and dumb movies
1:34:05 SeaWorld and the behavior of SeaWorld, mistreatment of animals
1:37:02 Inter-species communication, creator of the flotation tank, Dolphins in government (lmao), continued SeaWorld talk
1:39:30 Discussion of zoos, the captivity of animals
1:41:42 Obligatory mountain lion discussion, as per JRE
1:45:25 Animals becoming used to humans, not being afraid of humans
1:48:35 Story of kid getting attacked by bear while his dad aimed with a bow
1:49:00 Joe Rogan and his guests, the diverse guests, the information on his show
1:51:40 Kelly Slater finishes his foot injury story, when he will be competing, live surf competitions
1:52:20 Bellator card in Hawaii, Fedor vs Ryan Bader, the whole Bellator card
1:54:10 Sober October
1:56:35 Fasting, cleansing, intermittent fasting, diet discussion

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