17 May, 2017 17 May, 2017

JBU Supertrial Invitees

The waiting period for the JBU Supertrial powered by Monster Energy is just around the corner and the growing list of invited surfers is looking epic. The first prize for the exclusive event is the covered Wild Card entry into the World Surf League Championship Tour Corona Open JBay, meaning we will get to see one of our Zaffa’s going up against the best in business, the top 34.

The Supertrial has a waiting period from 1st – 11th June, and historically always enjoyed excellent surf conditions at Supertubes. The Corona Open JBay has a waiting period from 12th – 23rd July, and is part of the JBay Winterfest

“We have something quite special about this event already, being a small, invite-only contest at one of the best waves in the world,” said contest organiser Koffie Jacobs. “Following through with this, the format will also be something unique.”

The Supertrial will be run in Supertubes perfection. © AVG

The invited surfers in no particular order:

Mikey February
Matt McGillivray
Beyrick de Vries
Dylan Lightfoot
Jordy Maree
Shane Sykes
Dale Staples
Adin Masencamp .
Matt Bromley
Steven Sawyer
Joshe Faulkner
Davey Van Zyl

Check out the 2016 JBU Supertrial highlights below:


  1. craig thompson
    17 May, 2017 at 11:28 am · Reply

    Rather give Sebastian Williams and Slade Prestwich a crack than guys who really are over the aspirations to become a wct surfer. RSA keeps shooting its aspiring pro surfers in the foot with this contest.

  2. JOEL
    17 May, 2017 at 10:27 pm · Reply

    Slade Prestwich
    Ricky Basnett
    Sebastian Williams
    Casey Grant

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