8 November, 2018 8 November, 2018

Jazz Hands with Michael February

Michael February, hands down the most stylish cat on the tour. His loose style and flair set him apart from most, while his wiry frame sporting a classy fusion of power and flow. He has become infamous for the way he manoeuvers to land out in the lineup, so much so that he has become hot property around the world gracing the pages of various magazines while he goes about his own agenda.

Where did it all stem from? Well, Surfer just dropped a delicious edit profiling Mikey, SA’s modern-day renascence man. Get comfortable and take a page out of Mr. Februarys book, all you have to do is hit play. Great to see South Africans leaving a mark on the international surfing scene!

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  1. Gavin Roberts
    9 November, 2018 at 7:34 am · Reply

    Epic edit

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