6 May, 2019 6 May, 2019

Winter’s Knocking at J-Bays Door

With the Corona Open J-Bay just over two months away and winter knocking at the door the surf scene in good old Mzansi is starting to hum. This weekend, a big purple blobby best of a storm pushed a sizey swell straight at the tip of African.

With the likes of Dale Staples, Shane Sykes, Matt Bromley and Bianca Buitendag making there way from their respective parts of the country toward J-Bay the ‘prince of P.E’ Kody McGregor was there to pull finger. 

It’s always a good feeling when the first proper winter swell comes through, and even though everyone and their granny decided to head to Jbay for some waves it was a decent couple of days. Friday started off pretty slow but started building properly into the afternoon and evening. Waking up on Saturday morning we were greeted to lines of swell and the ever classic J-Bay sunrise filling the bay. The locals were definitely the standouts of the day, and speaking to surfers and spectators alike there seemed to be a unanimous vibe that Dale Staples was the man on fire. Wind forecasts showed a light onshore on Sunday but it only arrived late morning and so another fun session was had. All in al,l it was a good prequel to what hopefully will be an epic winter.” – Kody McGregor 


All Images – Kody McGregor

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