21 December, 2017 21 December, 2017

Introducing Your 2017 World Champ

John John seems to claim World Titles with relative ease. Now we’re not saying he doesn’t put in hours of gruelling blood sweat and tears kinda work at his favourite surf destinations world wide, we’re simply saying that titles seem to come fairly naturally to the Hawaiian.

Remember when Mick won his first world title back in 2007. Mick went into a black hole of emotionless focus. He looked like an undertaker the entire year! Even the Mad Huey’s, the funniest clowns the surf world has ever seen, couldn’t get Eugene to crack a smile, or a beer for that matter. But John, John’s a different kettle of fish. The pressure. What pressure? John never looks too perturbed or overly focused. He seems, from all accounts to live a fairly balanced life, in fact Ross Williams seems more stressed than John majority of the times.

Anyway, maybe we’re wrong, maybe John’s barely holding it together, one miss timed air reverse from a psychological breakdown, but damn, if that’s the case, JJF hides his emotions better than Barrack Obama in a live interview with Fox News.


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