6 December, 2018 6 December, 2018

The First Indoor Wave Pool

How’s this for a double dose of firsts. Introducing the worlds first indoor as well as crowdfunded wave pool, capable of producing 149 waves an hour, allowing up to 10 surfers in the water – same place same time! Incredibly 24/7Waves raised more than R1.5million through crowdfunding, crisis that’s a lot!

According to the team behind SurfPoel, one can expect 3ft/1m high knee rollers catering to all surfers, from novices right up to pros. Just like your average arvo session, each ride will last at best nine seconds.

The engineer behind SurfPoel’s wave pool concept is Steven Schmied, from the University of Tasmania. The artificial break dimensions: 72 meters long, 18 meters wide, and 2.5 meters. However, even though this wave will be indoors it’s still gonna be icey, well at least from a Durbanites perspective, varying between 12-15 degrees °C and even that’s well above the local ocean temperatures.

Yeah nah, I think I’ll just keep it here! If you feel like a little read watch this video, unless you speak Dutch then you can just somma watch. 


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