8 June, 2017 8 June, 2017

Hout Bay Harbour Wall Cooks

While storms rip through the Cape, the Hout Bay Harbour wall decided to turn itself into a surf utopia with a rare, clean +-3ft swell. Yesterday, hundreds of spectators and surfers flocked in from all over the Cape to ride the wave and long-time local surfer, Liam Wood, snapped this shot from the beach. “In 37 years of living in Hout Bay I have never ever seen harbour wall like this,” said Liam. “Biggest and cleanest I have ever seen it… and probably the only surfable spot on the Atlantic yesterday. 60 guys in the water at one time – probably 120 guys surfed it yesterday. Car park washed away. It was such a site.”

Whether you’re bracing fierce winds on land or crunching waves in the water – please stay safe in the Cape!

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