26 July, 2018 26 July, 2018

Holy Ship, Bromdog reports from Nias

If you’ve been on Instagram or facebook lately or even out in the lineup, you’ve seen/heard about the monster swells that have been pitching up all over from Puerto Escondido to Nias. Especially Nias, I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen that clip of the boat that snapped its mooring and landed up going over the falls, basically it served as a testament to how gnarly the swell was.

So, we picked up the phone and gave one of SA’s best chargers Matt Bromley a call post surf to get his account of what must have been one helluva day. While we wait for photogs and videographers to upload their media gold, have a listen and enjoy some highlights from the day that was.  




@bromdog7 plumbs the depths of a Nias cavern. Video: @lemosimages #SURFERmagazine

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Full send…📽 @jack_g_808

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Boats and Barrels going down at Nias. Did they survive?

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