19 November, 2012 19 November, 2012

Guardian Angels Back at Work

Paul and the North Beach crew will still be hanging on to your keys for now.

North Beach’s ‘Guardian Angels’ have returned back to work following last week’s arrest and confusion.

When Zag spoke to Ian, one of the long-serving members and part of the group that were arrested on Thursday, he informed us that the case has been dropped and that they were free to return to work for the time being.

He also went on to explain how their group was made to await their trial for four hours on Thursday in a cramped cell of 35 with standing room only – which he admitted wasn’t that enjoyable. The Guardian Angels were apparently ordered to pay a nominal fee to get registered, which makes you wonder why they weren’t assisted in doing so by the Metro in the first place, without the ordeal.

The Guardian Angels are overwhelmed by the amount of support the Durban surfers have shown them, with offers of help coming in from many concerned North Beach regulars – including legal representation by lawyers.

While Ian and the rest of the crew are stoked to be back at work, there have been some mentions that this may not signal the end of the fiasco, and that this was merely a scare tactic from some high-powered entrepreneur looking to cash in on the possibility of being awarded a security contract for the entire beachfront.

Whether this is indeed the case, we’ll have to wait and see, but with the vehement support shown by the local beachgoers as well as the Guardian Angels’ fighting spirit, any further action is not going to happen without some noise.

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  1. Ragged
    19 November, 2012 at 10:25 am · Reply

    damn!….i was hoping for less crowds….

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