18 February, 2019 18 February, 2019

GoPro Summer Comp – Winner Haydn Mac Nicol

The brief was simply, ‘Give us a taste of summer’ tag Zigzag, Omnico and GoPro and you might walk away with the latest offering from GoPro – the Hero 7.

Over the two month period, our Online Ed’s patience was tested as notifications of entries pinged again and again and again. Once submission time came to a close, we received over 250 entries. The good the bad and the ugly would sum up what we saw feature on the tagged section of our Insta, but hey we loved the effort.

The images that cracked the nod into the top 9 all captured something different about summer. The decision wasn’t easy and sparked some debate in the Zag Cave. Eventually, a winner was agreed upon. Congratulations Haydn Nicol, that looked like one helluva day. Kinda made us all jelly we weren’t there!!

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