20 October, 2017 20 October, 2017

Gone Tomorrow – France

Mfeb must by one of the most visually captivating surfers on planet earth right now. He takes the opening part of Quiksilver’s latest edit, Gone Tomorrow, and he couldn’t be more suited. Gorgeously guiding a twinnie through beach break barrels and layback snaps with that patented Mfeb style. Damn… think we found ourselves a #mancrush. 

The movie moves forward, the rest of the Quiksilver team has their say, which includes a cameo appearance by Sebastian Williams, and then Mikey Wright.  The revolutionary. The Che Guevara of modern day surfing. Takes centre stage. And the man pushes all the boundaries. Big airs, late drops, huge double arm layback carves. He’s a madman, with no concern for his body. And he’s here to do it better, bigger and with more balls than anyone’s done it before. 

Delight yourself in Quiksilver’s latest; Gone Tomorrow – France.



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