29 September, 2016 29 September, 2016

Getting Steezy

Steven ‘Steezy’ Sawyer is that that long-haired, small-town shredder that has probably kept you lying awake at night. Steezy has been seen winning major contests the past few years and even cracked the nod as the WSL J-Bay Open Wildcard in July. If you still can’t recall a Steezy, well he’s also the guy ripping on stage at most surf contest after-parties…

As laid-back as he might be, the J-Bay local is an incredibly skilled and stylish surfer on a long board and a short board. He makes going switchfoot look as easy as a two-step and could probably surf Supers with his eyes closed. In between shaping boards, contests and making music – Steezy is also making travel plans and just released a profile video to help him get gigging in Norway. “…But this is also something for my own memory bank and to count my blessings,” says a humble Steven. Check out Steezy talking music making versus surfing, travel, board shaping and staying true to the roots…

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  1. Brandon
    1 October, 2016 at 4:28 am · Reply

    Awesome Steve!!!! I knew you before you were famous!!!😜☕️👍🏾🎶. Keep the music going bro!!!! Loving the sounds!!!!

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