8 July, 2017 8 July, 2017

Gallery & Write Up – Finals Day Ballito Pro

As Jordy Smith stood on the podium alongside Willian Cardoso, he was addressed by the commentator and asked if he expected to take the World Title, to which he replied “Absolutely”. Cheers erupted. The champagne sprayed. While teenie bopper girls in the front row scattered because they’d never tasted that sweet fermented sparkling goodness that is victory and just like that the Ballito Pro was over. But for Jordy Smith it’s all but over – this was just a stepping stone toward a goal culminating at the end of the year on the North Shore.

Jordy soaks it in, while the teenie bopper girls scramble. © Ewing

And we saw that world title wisdom come through via the entire event. When Mikey Wright was going bonkers, full rotations on six foot waves, death reverses into the flats, he made you feel like you could run a thousand miles without water, Jordy remained quiet. When Krystian Kymerson basically spent a whole heat flying around town tryna land an air, Jordy said nothing. And when Ramzi Boukhiam used his heavy back foot to blitz lips when any normal human would’ve curled up into the fetal position praying that the lip wouldn’t detonate on them, Jordy carried on about his business. He was probably itching to get involved! All he probably wanted to do was throw it back to the good old Modern Collective days, throw down a coupla 6 foot full rotations with Yadin Nicol, Dusty Payne and the boys, but I wise man knows when to speak. A wise man has the quality of experience, knowledge and good judgment. Cause eventually the Jimi Hendrix guitar solo that is Mikey Wright ends, and the heavy footed grizzly bear grows tired. Leaving the one who has been savoring his energy, the perfect opportunity to strike.


Smith turning up the volume. © Cestari

Jordy Smith played his cards perfectly during the Ballito Pro presented by Billabong. Leaving his jokers till the last round. His heat score totals almost consistently improving from one round to the next. His last four heat totals read, 13.27, 14.50, 16.10 and 18.06. Jordy’s ability to hold back and bring his A game when needed, is certainly showing of a man capable of putting himself in the running for a world title. Lets see what the rest of the year holds.


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