24 October, 2019 24 October, 2019

Gallery – The Best of Shot Bru

Spring is in full swing with winter on its way to take a long walk off a short cliff. Now, while some of you may have mixed emotions bidding adieu to those glassy mornings and large winter swells, there are some who are licking their chops at the thought of not having to wear neoprene. 

The change of season brings some tricky conditions across the country, but that’s half the challenge of surfing. We say, embrace it! Grab Spring by its metaphorical horns there’s plenty onshore power bowls to score. Start your vision quest right here, right now, as you take in this here gallery presented by Hurley in all its glory!! 

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  1. Tom Spinner (required)
    8 November, 2019 at 1:41 am · Reply

    What a great site! I originally started out surfing he web to find-Terry Fitzgerald, who was one of my favorite surfers as a kid. I looked up to him because it seemed that he always courageously took the most radical line on a wave, no matter the size. Keep up the great work!

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