13 August, 2019 13 August, 2019

Gallery – LaMuse Goes All Out

This past weekend was truly a celebration of women as the 3rd Annual LaMuse Classic was hosted in the Mother City. This one of a kind event is the first and only all-female surf contest in South Africa and is one not to be missed. With a record number of competitors this year, and with divisions ranging from u14’s all the way to the Lady Legends (60+ years old), the style and grace factor was through the roof. 

All Images – Kody McGregor

Surf contests are always a gamble when the dates are set in advance (as we know all too well about), but there were no issues as Muizenberg came to the party with good waves and perfect weather for both days of the competition. Not only was the surfing great, but the spirit of the event was also one of empowerment, encouragement, enthusiasm and inspiration.

One of the highlights of the final day was the “Mothers and Daughters” heats, where family teams paddled out and rode waves together. We’ve all seen the father/son combo at our local surf breaks, so it was awesome to see the moms and girls in the lineup for a change. We can only hope for more of this in the future.

The event concluded with all the finals being held in fun 2-3 foot ‘berg conditions. All in all, great waves were ridden and the beauty of longboarding was on show for us to feel inspired by. 

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