12 July, 2019 12 July, 2019

[Gallery] Between a Rock and the Bluff

I got a late AM call to get to the Bluff, ou’s were tuning it’s going to cook. Reluctantly I gripped my keys and scrambled for my camera, holding thumbs for the drain. 

Killing time, Chris Van Lennop showed me a couple epic wide angle shots of the morning while we just chilled, waiting for a decent set with Aritz Aranburu & crew. John Mc Carthy caught a couple of laidback style waves with Rudy Snr riding in on his classic push peddle. Josh Redman had come in for a board break/fin change and back out and ended up scoring.

Then BOOM, it started to fire! The first signs besides Rudy are when behind the pool starts getting crazy hollow then shutting down. It got super fast and hollow, spits for days! One of the standouts besides the regulars was Aritz, he made Cave look like Pipe. – Nic Aberdein

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  1. Kevin Rom
    12 July, 2019 at 12:06 pm · Reply

    If interested, I got a couple images from that day that can added to the gallery. Don’t want to step on Nic’s toes though.

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