12 April, 2019 12 April, 2019

From the Fat Black Lip Ep. 2

Welcome to episode two of ‘From the Fat Black Lip’ where we’ll reveal to you all that’s good in the world of surf. It’s been a particularly thrilling two weeks; the first event of the CT went down a charm, Zigzag dropped their Wetsuit Guide (and it’s hilarious) and the City Surf Series is about to begin. Dive in to find out more. 

Jordy Smith kills the Quikie Pro

Doesn’t it feel great to see the big guy enjoy a stellar start to the season? It’s probably similar to how Mmusi Maimane feels when he discovers new dirt on the ANC and blasts it all over the DA social media accounts. The last time Jordy Smith did well at the Quickie Pro was way back in 2012 where he finished 3rd losing to eventual winner Taj Burrow. Taj who? Taj Burrow you grom. Along with Jordy placing 3rd, it was also lovely to see Jordy take to the skies. A full roat alley-oop in the quarters against Medina and a lofty tail high full roat against the Italian Ferrari. In his post heat interview after his battle with Gabby, Jordy stated that Gabriel’s a hunter and “…you can’t give him anything but I’m South African and (we know how to) hide our wallets.” – good on ya Jords, keep taking names. 

Surfer: Zoe Steyn Photographer: Ian Thurtell

The City Surf Series

How dope is the City Surf Series!? For too long there were no contests for graduating competitive surfers. Sponsors can’t fund a QS campaign, might as well throw in the towel do a short management course and apply for a job at a tyre company. Our graduating competitive surfers were like a bunch of lost children in a dark forest. Not so anymore! The City Surf Series has ignited a new flame in the South African competitive surfing scene with many international surfers coming to compete at the events. One such surfer, Jordan Lawler, who did nothing noteworthy throughout the City Series last year won the Vissla Sydney Surf Pro (QS 6000) this year – if Lawler can do it, so can our boys.

In 2018 we saw epic performances, we witnessed young QS campaigners like Adin Masencamp grab the bull by the horns and take it to the QS veterans with great success. Safe to say, we can’t wait to see what will transpire this year. 

The 2019 Wetsuit Guide

If you haven’t yet had a chance, do your ass a favour and enjoy Zigzag’s  2019 Wetsuit Guide. Narrated by Nick Rabinowitz, a warm water Durbanite who looks as uncomfortable wearing neoprene as a dog with an itchy tail wearing a cone. Nick does a superb job of making light of some technical wetsuit jargon. That being said, my dawg when did wetsuits become so damn technical? The same terms used to describe a 4/3 wetsuit are being used by Elon Musk to sell Tesla. The Revolution, XR, triflux, gold blanket solar heated, Japanese samurai sword neoprene entry system. Sheeesh, all us surfers ever wanted was to keep warm while banging the lip. But we dig that wetsuit companies think we’re so intelligent. It’s rather flattering. 

QS roundup – how the Saffas are doing

The South African’s haven’t had a stellar start to the QS season, but it has not been poo either. After the Australian QS leg, Adin Masencamp is the highest rated South African lying 25th, Matty McG stands at 46th and Beyrick is ranked 51st. On the women’s side, Bianca Buitendag lies 26th. The next major rated QS event will be the Ichinomiya Chiba Open in Japan (QS 6000) which will see a major shakeup in rankings once again. Keep an eye out for the blog, cause we’ll be reporting on any major happenings.


Bells starts next week

Last but by no means least, the waiting period for Bells Beach starts next week Wednesday and after such a thrilling start to the year by our lone Saffa CT representative, we’re hoping he goes the distance at Bells Beach. BTW, Matty McG has been given a spot in the trials which if he wins will afford him a spot in the main event. And if anyone knows how to lay it on rail like a demon-possessed man on a point break, it’s Matty McG. Have you heard the name of Matty’s new surfboard model by G-Force? It’s called, ‘The Saint’, an apt name for such a saintly man.

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