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From the Fat Black Lip – EP 1

Living in South Africa we are continuously confronted with much darkness (shout-out to our main playas at Eskom Holdings) a deeply corrupt government, potholed strewn roads, a high crime rate etc. That’s why it’s important that as South African’s we dwell on that which is positive. It might be hard to find given the darkness, but turn on your iPhone torch and then you will see. So welcome to episode 1 of From the Fat Black Lip; a biweekly blog where we will shed light (sorry) on all things positive/amusing in the world of surf. Don’t have the time to follow every Saffa’s heat on the Q (WQS), no worries, we’ll keep you posted, don’t have time to watch the latest edit by your fave surfer, no worries, we’ll share it here. So here’s what happened in the world of surf over the past couple weeks.

Surfer: Adin Masencamp/ Photographer: Pedro Gomes

We Can’t Get Enough of Adin’s Fire

If you had the pleasure of reading the latest Zigzag, in particular, the article, ‘The Rock is a Hard Place’ – you would’ve noted that Adin’s parents took out a personal loan, bought him some boards and shipped him off to Hawaii. And ever since then, Adin’s been on a tear. He has a deeply rooted fire inside of him we can’t get enough of. Like an Andy Irons esque, ‘I’m gonna rip your head off in this heat’ kinda thing going. Since Hawaii, Adin made a pit stop at Plett Rage, chised a few betties, then headed to Brazil for the Oi Hang Loose Pro Contest where he made it all the way to the quarterfinals amongst a host of high flying Brazilians, then Adin hit Australia where he made Round 7 in the Vissla Central Coast Pro. Adin’s on fire and we can’t get enough of his heat!

The Monster Combo is the Best Comp in SA

Yeah, it’s a brave call we know, but the Monster Combo involves one of the best things in surfing; the linking together of two or more man-sized hacks! The Monster Combo also includes the middle class. It’s a contest for the people. Every dog has its day and if you know how to give the lip a good and proper bash to the bek, you too can enter. The last two winners of the Monster Combo, Joshé Faulkner and Eli Beukes, both won with two turn combinations. Joshe with a layback off-the-lip to a fins free end section bash and Eli Beukes with a delightful Andy Irons inspired down-carve complimented by a full-roat. Two turns are all you need baby. So we implore you, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, get off your ass and drop some clips. 

Steven Sawyer Ain’t No Fluke

After touring the US playing a couple of shows with his band, Steven returned to Jbay where his father, Des quickly re-applied his skills to the shaping bay. Not long after his return to Jbay though, Steven had had enough of resin and sanding, he bid his father’s factory ado and headed to Australia to compete in the Noosa Longboard Open. Steven put on a sterling performance throughout the event, taking out multiple world champions to make the final where he fell just shy of the win to Justin Quintal. It’s easy to lose the fire after you’ve won a world title but Steven seems to have lost none of the drive. Safe to say, Steven’s last title, will be one of many.


The Quickie Pro Starts in Next Weeks (Get Frothed!)

The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast starts in just over two weeks. And it has been a damn long time since we’ve witnessed the world’s best beat up some lips. There are great returns to the CT; Jack Freestone, Ryan Callinan, Leonardo Fioravanti, Jadson Andre etc, and a couple of complete newbies who we’re excited to see perform on the big stage. Unfortunately, the South African CT representation is down to one guy (again), Jordy Smith but that doesn’t bother the big man, those shoulders are broad enough to handle the weight of small a country and still fulfill sponsor commitments with ease. 

Surfer: Benji Brand/ Photographer: Domenic Mosqueira

The New Zag Just Dropped

For those who don’t know, the new Zigzag, The Personality Issue (43.3) has just dropped. And it’s a banger! On the cover is the bar fridge sized man with the heart of an industrial-sized walk-in catering fridge, Benjamin Brand deep in a gaping Pipeline pit. It’s the ‘Personality Issue’ and you’ll find writeups of some of South Africa’s most interesting surf personalities as well as a riveting interview with the stylish Mfeb. So head down to your nearest Surf Shop, Checkers, Spar or Pic n’ Pay, drop your wallet and enjoy some SA surf goodness.

Ps: Keep the Champaign on Ice, but Twiggy might Just Be World Champ.

Yep, you read right. The final event’s waiting period for the 2018/2019 Big Wave season; the Mavericks Challenge, ends on the 31st of March. Forecasts for the tail end of the waiting period all point towards a serene and untroubled ocean, which lies in stark contrast to the jamboree that will commence once (touch wood) Twiggy is crowned World Champion. #DontPrayForSwell

That’s it from our side, stay tuned for more positive surf tidings, to guide your way in these dark times.

Much Love,

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