15 March, 2019 15 March, 2019

Friday Froth & Surf Spam

Like the first bite of an oversized and sauce-drenched boerie, surf content is oozing all over the place. The internet is both the best and worst enemy to the surfing world with the cons doubling up as the pros. So much good sh*t so little time to consume it all, it’s in your face and all over the place.

Just open the explore section of your Instagram and your on a trip to a surfgasm….. But, due to the obscene amount of quality content flying around the interwebs it’s impossible to get it all! So let’s help you, shall we?

Starting now, we’ll be putting out a selection of surf clips that caught our eye all in one place. Sounds like a pretty schweet deal ey? You know it!! 

Surfer: Jack Robinson

I think the title of this edit pretty much sums it up! And the fact that it’s at the top of the list. 

Shaper: Ross Haines 

A master craftsman uses natural materials to create the project of a lifetime. Hi-Fi headphones or speaker + turning the volume way up is politely encouraged. 

Surfers Dion Agius, Chippa Wilson and Jay Davies.

Ever been in France during Autumn? Nah, me neither. I didn’t even know we still had a time of the year called Autumn. Well, if this is what Autumn looks like, slap on that bag tag, stamp the passport and sign us up!!  

Surfer: Christian Barker

It ain’t the first surf film in Indo and you can bet your ass it wont be the last. This one strikes a shade richer touching on a little more culture. Venturing into the palm tree-littered isles of Sumatra and the gritty streets of the northern capital, Medan, this one a goodie.

Surfer: Harry Bryant

Gnarly barrels on heavy waves mixed with some grunge. Yeah it’s 15 minutes, but who cares. It’s skeetz as mate!!

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