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Frank In Frisco

Frank Solomon was a busy dude in 2012. Besides putting in a good showing at home in SA, he’s spent plenty of time missioning to some amazing wave-locations, getting shacked and living la vida loca – meanwhile documenting it all on his blog. He’s just finishing up another stint in his home-away-from-home, San Francisco, where we managed to have a word with him before he shoots over to Hawaii for the late season. Here’s what he had to say for himself…


Zigzag: How’s it been going? What was it like spending the festive season in San Francisco? Any waves?

Frank Solomon: Hi bro. Yeah things have been going great, thanks. It has been a long trip already for me. I started off in Puerto in October and then came here at the beginning of November. I’ve been in San Fran for almost two months now. I have been coming here for almost five years, so it kind of feels like a second home to me. It’s fun being here for the festive season. Americans take the whole Christmas thing way more serious then we do at home. It’s pretty classic. There are always waves here; it’s rarely flat but it has been a slow season for Mavericks, only a couple sessions out there so far. Hopefully things will pick up.

Frank at Todos On Better Days

Frank at Todos On Better Days. Image: Brian Overfelt

Zigzag: It looks like you’ve been a busy dude over the last year. Peru, Puerto Escondido, San Francisco. How was 2012 for you and what is on your agenda for the year ahead?

Frank Solomon: 2012 was an amazing year for me. I signed with Hurley, which has been a huge help. I feel very fortunate to have a company like this behind me, especially in these tough economical times – being a pro surfer when you’re not on the WCT has some challenges, but it’s all part of the fun. I love traveling and surfing new waves, so yeah, I’m going to keep doing it as long as I can and hopefully 2013 will be just as epic (at least the world didn’t end).

I am off to Hawaii next week for two months and can’t wait. There is a solid Saffa crew descending on the North Shore for the late season, it’s gonna be all time. After that I am looking into going to Puerto in April/May. I will have been on the road for almost eight months by then, so I’ll see how it goes.

Zigzag: Congrats on being listed as an alternative for the Maverick’s contest this year. How do you find the wave in comparison to a spot like Dungeons and have you been getting much time out there lately?

Frank Solomon: Thanks bru, appreciate it. Yeah, I dunno what it is about Mavericks, but it scares the shit outta me – hahahah. I don’t feel like I have had a great session out there yet, but that’s what I love about this sport – you keep learning and pushing yourself. It’s been a slow season here so far, only a couple sessions at Mavs, so hopefully the second half of winter things will turn around for us. Mavericks and Dungeons couldn’t be more different; Mav’s is a huge, barreling peak that breaks in the same place – Imagine 20 foot Kalk Bay. And Dungeons is a shifty, never-know-where-you-are kinda wave that’s more like a beach break.


Zigzag: You posted a pic of Fort Point a little bit ago. Have you had any good days there? Have you run into any hassles with localism?

Frank Solomon: Yeah, Fort Point is a trippy little spot. The wave itself isn’t amazing, but its super fun surfing under the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a burger left 90 percent of the time, but it has its days. It’s pretty crazy seeing the giant container ships come in and out of the bay when you’re surfing there. Haha, we know the locals, so no worries there.

Zigzag: We saw that you and Josh Redman went to Todos Santos, but didn’t get waves. How was the mission going out there? Any plans to go back?


Frank Solomon: I picked Josh up straight from the airport and was like, ‘Bud we’re going to Mex’. Flying here through Dubai, like Josh and I both do, is brutal. It’s 8 hours to Dubai and then a 16 hour marathon to San Francisco. It’s not fun, so I did feel for Josh (kinda). Sadly the waves sucked and it was a pretty huge mission getting there, well just a long drive anyway. I have gotten good waves there before, but not on this trip. I would love to go back; Todos is epic.

Zigzag: All the best bru. Thanks for your time.

Frank Solomon: No worries bro. And I hope everyone at home is enjoying summer, chat soon.

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