23 May, 2018 23 May, 2018

FINSOUT – Fin Removal Tool

Thruster setups, we have all suffered at the hands of them – literally. Lets not even talk about a five-fin system. The point I’m making here is that installing or removing your fins (especially FCS II) can be an absolute hack. My fingers, as well as my favourite surf shirt, have often been locked in a salt-encrusted battle with these buggers and if you prawn it hard enough you can end up with a damaged fin box.   

Any of the above sound familiar? Well, if it does, FinsOut has come up with such a simple solution to this surf related conundrum. 

To get your fins out, simply slip the FinsOut over the fin and remove it with ease in a couple of seconds. The handy tool has a grip-contoured handle, and its patented fin friendly design allows you to lever it with ease,” explains Kris O’Brien, the man behind FinsOut.

The jury is out on how much these boot ornaments are gonna cost as well as whether or not they will replace your crusty beach towel or surf shirt as a grip. I guess you can be the judge on this one. 


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