4 July, 2013 4 July, 2013

Find the Golden Ticket in the latest issue and the UNCLAIMED QUIVER COULD BE YOURS!


This issue’s Golden Ticket is yet to be found, which means it’s still out there, somewhere, waiting to be claimed by the lucky fish who’ll be rewarded with the three fresh new sticks from Spider Murphy.

Zag’s already put the smiles on the dials of three lucky readers in our Golden Ticket giveaway, where we’ve teamed up with some of the country’s best shapers to give you a chance to get pimped-out with a spanking new quiver. No ‘SMS this’ or ‘fill in that’: if you find the Golden Ticket in the mag, you’re the owner of three new custom boards. Simple as that.

If you’re a subscriber to SA’s core surf mag, you’re automatically in the running. For everyone else, you’ll need to either sign-up as a subscriber, or simply go down to your nearest surf shop or anywhere that stocks Zag and buy a copy.


If you consider that our last winner Jerome Rautenbach (8) chose to share his quiver with his cousin and father (see above), then that’s five readers we’ve already stoked out.


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