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Final 2017 SA Longboard Champs Wrap

The final day of the 2017 SA Longboard Champs saw the true family spirit of the logging family come out in full force in the solid, choppy conditions. The snapped leash count was high as supporters from other teams grabbed leashes for their opponents – not something you would likely see in a short board event. From the u/14 boys to the Grand Kahunas – the surfers showed true sportsmanship as spirits remained high despite the consistent onshore. 

Four provinces, sixteen divisions, over 200 entries. The history behind the Longboard Champs is vast for our brothers on logs and the level of surfing seems to be improving each year with a now seamless mix of new and old school moves. The gracious Kwa-Zulu Natal hosts brought home the gold with Western Province in second place, Eastern Province in third and the Southern Cape team finishing fourth respectively. 

The KZN team. © Jessica Gadd

“From my side the SA longboard champs was great,” said logger and commentator, Kai Linder. “It’s a pity about the week of howling onshore but the ous made due and there were some really good waves on some of the mornings. The level of surfing in the Open division of the men and women was super, super high. They really put on a show in the tricky conditions. Tom King was on fire on the last day, he was a very deserving winner in the Open division and the Senior men. Another standout was Brad Weare, a true stylemaster in the onshore. We are one big family the loggers, we always have such a great time, it’s my favourite event of the year for sure.”

It was certainly a family affair with Dave McGregor winning the Kahuna’s whilst his son Kye took out the win in the u/14 boys. Grant Gilmour won the Grand Kahuna’s with his daughter Christy taking out two divisions. And Thomas King took the double win as well with his pregnant wife, Tarryn, earning an impressive second place in the Open Women. 

Christy Gilmour in action. © Dawn Rouse

Christy Gilmour surfed with maturity well beyond her 16 years to take out the John Whitmore award for best surfer, the u/18 division and the Open division to earn a spot on the SA Team to represent at the World Games next year. Christy is the youngest surfer in 27 years to represent South Africa in the longboard games – talk about achievement. Thomas King, who has also been be ripping, gets an automatic spot in the SA team too after winning the Open division. 

Judging by the momentum gained from this event, the 2018 SA Longboard Champs is looking to be even bigger and better in the West Coast. Better start saving up for some booties KZN! 

© Craig Dove

© Coert Venter

© Coert Venter

© Coert Venter

© Jessica Gadd

© Jessica Gadd

© Coert Venter

© Coert Venter

© Dawn Rouse

Team results

KZN 140653
WP  108835
EP   89250
SC   53103

George Bunting (WP)
Chris Morris (KZN)
Mike Patto (KZN)
Dave Lipschitz (EP)

Sheri-Lee Bilson (KZN)
Therese Russell (WP)
Lynn Robinson (EP)
Charmaine Adams (WP)

Grand Kahunas
Grant Gilmour (KZN)
Dave Jennings (KZN)
Craig Daniel (KZN)
Rory Stander (KZN)

Dave McGregor (EP)
Murray Niven (KZN)
Wayne Bradfield (KZN)
Rob Clark (KZN)

Barry Campbell (KZN)
Dave v Berg (KZN)
Mark van Straaten (KZN)
Gavin Seaman (EP)

Brandon Ribbink (KZN)
Paul O’ Connell (WP)
Chris Poseman (WP)
Waldo de Kock (WP)

Brad Weare (KZN)
Gregg Clarke (EP)
Lat Munay (KZN)
Johnno Marais (EP)

Seniors Men
Thomas King (WP)
Michael Hill (EP)
Waar Brods (KZN)
Rory Kilmartin (KZN)

Senior Ladies
Nix Bezuidenhout (Eden)
Angela Craemal (WP)
Tasha Mentasti (Eden)
Diony Lalieu (WP)

Open Men
Thomas King (WP)
Brad Weare (KZN)
Steven Sawyer (EP)
Sam Christensen (KZN)

Open Ladies
Christy Gilmour (KZN)
Tarryn King (WP)
Chrystal Hulett (KZN)
Kay Holt (WP)

U18 Girls
Christy Gilmour (KZN)
Rachel Wood (KZN)
Brittany Gad (Eden)
Zoe Smith  (EP)

U18 Boys
Tristan Lev (WP)
Reece Stiemans (Eden)
Declan Bradfield (KZN)
Cout Venter (EP)

U16 Boys
Ryan Lightfoot (EP)
Fabian Marais (KZN)
Kola Cohen (WP)
Jake Schoeman (WP)

U16 Girls
Courtney Sim (KZN)
Caroline Brown (WP)
Angelica Schon (WP)
Kelly Medley (EP)

U14 Boys
Kyle McGregor (EP)
Ben Ribbink (KZN)
Noah Whittle (Eden)
Sam Daniel (KZN)


Tiletoria Surfers Award – Greg Briscoe  (KZN)

John Whitmore surfer of the contest – Christy Gilmour (KZN)

Gotcha Sportmanship Award – Coert Venter (EP) 

Junior u/18 Floating Trophy – Reece Steimans (Eden)

Puka Stylemaster Of The Contest – Brad Weare (KZN) 

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  1. Jessica Gadd
    3 May, 2017 at 1:54 pm · Reply

    The 2017 KZN Long boarding Champs was an awesome event and a great experience! Thank you to Zig Zag and KZN committee for everything!

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