22 November, 2012 22 November, 2012

Filling the Blanks – with Miss Zag Contestant, Lisa Harrison

The search for SA’s Sexiest Beach Babe continues till the end of this year on MISS ZAG, after which the six finalists will be shortlisted and whisked away to shoot the Miss Zag calendar. One of these finalists will then win the coveted title of Miss Zag, along with a two-year modelling contract from Boss Models, a trip overseas to shoot their portfolio, and loads of amazing loot from sponsors Rip Curl and Reef Brazil. We cornered contestant Lisa Harrison and asked her to ‘fill in the blanks’:

Hi my name is Lisa, but you can call me Lili!

To make a living I am a model, but I’d rather be travelling around the world to poor countries teaching disadvantaged children.

The funniest thing I ever saw was when one of my good friends fell backwards over a sign on set while talking on the phone. When she finally got back up, she leaned right back up against it and it fell over once again. I have never laughed so hard!

My favourite item of clothing is a pair of denim shorts, but I would swap them any day for a Vera Wang wedding dress.. (Of course when that time comes) 😉

The last time I had my best friend down from Sweden, I saw three sharks when we went shark cage diving.

Out of all my friends Tove has the best understanding of me, even though she is 10335km away from me in freezing cold Sweden. As well as my boyfriend, David, he knows me better than anyone.

If I’m not some place on set, you can catch me walking my puppy on the beach, splashing around in the waves, teaching some friends to surf, or having drinks with friends on a summer’s day.

I think surfers are extremely down to earth, patient, gentle people, but are often unappreciated, misunderstood and thought of in a stereotypical way.

I’d love to one day go sky diving, but you’d never catch me on Fear Factor!

I have a pet Malamut Husky called Skye.

My ultimate dream is to fly around the world, but if that doesn’t work out, then travelling around beautiful South Africa will go down just fine.

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  1. Paolo Serzio
    22 November, 2012 at 11:45 am · Reply

    why is it with these model interviews that they all are these ‘ wannabe humanitarian’s ‘ yet when the interview progresses i havent read any one who does this type of work/deed –
    they may be pretty faces but such hypocrites !! –

  2. Kevin
    22 November, 2012 at 4:39 pm · Reply

    Good point Paolo, maybe that’s the first thing models are taught at modelling school – “always say something nice about the poor, people gobble that stuff up!”. But I reckon that a few do follow through and have done some cool humanitarian stuff – as well as having to attend fashion events every night of the week. Modelling becomes a job, and most of us know that we don’t get a lot of time to do humanitarian work ourselves. Lisa is sure nice to look at though.

  3. lara
    13 November, 2013 at 4:15 pm · Reply

    if you knew Lisa you’d know that she does work with underprivileged kids

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