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Filling in the Blanks – with Miss Zag contestant, Tiffany Kruger

Zigzag’s search for SA’s Ultimate Beach Babe continues to hot up, and there is plenty at stake for the 56 gorgeous Miss Zag contestants who’ve already signed up – including an all expenses paid trip to Mauritius for two, a quiver of surfboards, and a thick stack of prizes from sponsors Rip Curl and Reef Brazil, plus more...

This week’s featured contestant is Tiffany Kruger, who’s an Olympian, a qualified lifeguard, has a gym-toned body and a smile that can make a man’s knees go weak – all of which make her a serious contender for the title of Miss Zag, and in order to get to know Tiffany a little better, we asked her to fill in the blanks below.


Hi my name is Tiffany, but you can call me Tiff!

To make a living I am a professional canoeist, but I’d rather be a superhero.

The funniest thing I ever saw was the traditional initiation at our Lifesaving Club. Amongst other things, one of the entry tests in to the club is to have a tequila omelette – a raw egg in its shell is placed in the individual’s mouth by the club captain. The egg has to be cracked, swallowed and then you spit the shell out and follow that with a chaser of tequila. It’s hilarious to watch the facial expressions!

My favourite item of clothing is a pair of good-fitting jeans, but I would swap them any day for a bikini, sarong and a surfboard on a remote island.

The last time I tried to answer this  question, I saw a question that I still can’t answer.

Out of all my friends, my family has the ability to make me feel better during tough times.

If I’m not at the dam paddling, you can catch me either in the gym working out, or at the beach having a relaxing day off.


I think surfers are relaxed, living life to the fullest, living in the moment, but are completely possessive of their surf spots.

I’d love to one day model, but you’d never catch me NAKED!

If I had three wishes, I’d wish for health, wealth and happiness.

I secretly have a crush on tall, handsome, athletic guys with a  good sense of humour, even though love has no boundaries.

I have a pet dog called Girly.

My most embarrassing moment was during an intense gym session at a packed gym doing squats, and then my shorts split from top to bottom – I had to casually pick up my gym towel and manouevre myself to the changeroom (Ladies, tights are a better option for the gym!).

My ultimate dream is to win a medal at the 2016 Olympic Games, but if that doesn’t work out, then I’ll settle for having qualified and competed at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Then I suppose I will get a real job and start living a normal life.


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  1. OJ
    22 August, 2013 at 7:18 pm · Reply

    Tiff, these pics are gorgeous – you ARE the ultimate beach babe and deserve to win x

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