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Filling in the Blanks – with Miss Zag contestant, Lynn Schooling

Computer screens all over SA have been sizzling up with images of the gorgeous Miss Zag 2013 contestants, who we’ve been introducing to you over the course of the competition.

In order to get to know some of the Miss Zag hopefuls a little better, we’ve been asking them to fill in the blanks, and this week we meet the lovely Lynn Schooling.


Hi my name is Lynn, but you can call me Lynnie!

To make a living I am studying and modelling, but I’d rather be swimming and snorkeling in the ocean, or jetting off to a deserted island.

The funniest thing I ever saw was a bunch of models and a photography crew trying to paddle a boat with buckets, after our boat started drifting out to sea when the petrol ran out.

My favourite item of clothing is a pair of shorts, but I would swap them any day for a yellow bikini.

The last time I was at Koeël Bay, I saw a seagull steal and munch our sealed packet of chips.


Out of all my friends Liesel has the most rings and best tree-hugger personality!

If I’m not at a shoot or watching series, you can catch me soaking up some sunshine at the beach.

I think surfers are the most laid back and friendly people, but are obviously passionate about what they do to be able face the size of some of those waves.

I’d love to one day scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef and bungee from the highest bridge in the world, but you’d never catch me holding a snake.

If I had three wishes: I’d wish for animal cruelty to stop, for people to stop destroying nature and for a pet peacock.


I secretly have a crush on Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima’s body, even though she is a woman.

I have a pet dog called Oreo, who is a mix of a whole bunch of breeds.

My most embarrassing moment was when I was trying to describe asparagus as looking like a tentacle, but ended up calling it a very similar sounding word to a part of a male’s body.

My ultimate dream is to travel all over the world and model full time, but if that doesn’t work out I want to be my own boss.


Over 100 hopefuls have signed up to Miss Zag in their bid to be crowned ‘SA’s Ultimate Beach Babe’ and walk away with a stack of rad prizes from Rip Curl and Reef Brazil – plus a trip for two to Mauritius made possible by All-Aboard Surf Travel, and a quiver of surfboards from Natural Curve.



  1. Smiley face
    5 November, 2013 at 8:08 am · Reply

    No smiley face …..ohhhh ok models need to look serious and unhappy in shoots , see I know nothing about this…..except that she is not smiling .

    She looks very flexi though.

  2. LEON
    5 November, 2013 at 8:45 am · Reply

    out of all the girls,lynn is the one to take the title ….FOR SURE!!!!!

  3. Kelly
    7 November, 2013 at 7:18 pm · Reply

    voting for Nats Rautenbach…the niece of a SA Sufer’s Champ 2010, who genuinely is a real surfer babe and grew up surfing on the South Coast…the real McCoy:)

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