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Filipe’s Coming of Age

Besides for the two heats surfed in below par surf in round 2 which saw South Africa’s very own Mfeb and Dale Staples get knocked out, the Corona Open J-Bay saw epic surf from start to finish. With no shortage of riveting sub plots which included two shark incidents, water patrol screaming through the lineup on a rubber duck avoiding a 10ft cleanup set and two heat re-surfs, the Corona Open J-Bay was one of the most exciting contests in professional surfing history.

Toledo’s turns were unhinged. Image: Ewing

Filipe’s performance throughout the Corona Open J-Bay has been second to none. From Filipe’s first heat, it was clear that he arrived on African soil intending on delivering a proclamation. He wore a blood red wetsuit throughout the event. And never has it suited (#dadjoke) anyone better. With that peroxided blond hair complete with matching goatee and moustache all Filipe needed was a pitchfork and a tail to complete his look. But regardless, Filipe went about dragging multiple opponents into combination hell. No saviour in sight, redemption a far cry, sinful at best. Filipe combed Kanoa in round 2, point break stalwarts Jordy and Julian in round 4, Jordy again in the quarterfinals, and he spanked Julian into combination in the Semis. If the closeout section at Boneyards hadn’t resulted in the breaking of Kelly’s foot, we bet Filipe would’ve probably used that pitch fork to bury the KING alive, taken his crown, colonised his cities and extracted the gold. Filipe went about all his pillaging without the air drum shattering whistle of his father. Here at Zag we were wondering what was missing during Filipe’s heats, and then a collective ahhhhh as we all conjointly realised the peroxided point break slayer’s father and his deafening loud hailer of a whistle was left in Huntington Beach. “Thank the lord.” We all whispered under our breathes, lest Filipe and his pitch fork overheard.  

The finals day was awash with filthy pits. Image: Ewing

The World Championship Tour, its venues and the waves aren’t something one comes to terms with overnight. Toledo was heavily criticised in his former years for not being able to handle the heavier waves on the dream tour. A beach break genius rendered less than world tour material in waves of significance. We bet location wildcard specialists would’ve licked their lips if placed in a matchup against Toledo at waves like J-Bay, Fiji or Tahiti. Filipe is slowly silencing those critics one by one, pointing his pitch fork in their direction and causing their lips to stop babbling. For one minute Filipe didn’t know where the top keyhole at Supers was, next he’s busting full rotation airs over sections lower level seeds are afraid to hit. The waves for the Corona Open J-Bay were pumping all week long, 6ft plus most days. And Filipe showed that he ain’t lost when things get serious, he’s only getting started. Travelling with his young family, baby, and baby mamma on the beach the Corona Open J-Bay witnessed Filipe Toledo’s Coming of Age.

Sweeeeet. Image: Thurtell

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  1. guavaberry
    21 July, 2017 at 7:53 am · Reply

    No one surfed harder or practiced harder than Toledo.I saw him surfing Point and Tubes when the comp was on. He is driven beyond most-maybe only JJF. He has a world title in him as he has the work ethic to go along with his extraordinary talent.

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