12 November, 2018 12 November, 2018

Feeling the African Heat

So, here we are, sweating under the African sun while the summer season bleaches our bodies, minds and souls. Nothing a cold Striped Horse brew can’t fix. Just not before you’ve finished work, alright? Usually by this time of the year, in Cape Town at least, the South Easter would have driven everyone to man bun madness, and in Durban, Jbay and all along both coasts the golf clubs and tennis rackets would be dusted off and already in full swing. 

Surfer: Josh Redman Photographer: Graeme Brunt

But, by all accounts, the waves have been uncharacteristically and periodically cooking, and, as we hurtle full throttle to the grand finale of the Striped Horse Challenge, we’ve got two significant November entries joining the fray. Let’s see who’s opening up their can of whoop-ass on this beach.

On the left, wearing a wetsuit, we have the southpaw, screw-foot, Kommetjie based shredder – Jordy Maree. The 6 foot something kid has got skills in the air, the barrel and on the rail. In Striped Horse Challenge terms none of this matters until evidence is submitted. And it most certainly has. Even our inbox threw out a shaka when this clip hit the webular pathways. 


Now, on the right, in a heaving, Wild West scenario we have the seasoned natural footer, the ’16/’17 Big Wave Tour world champ himself: Grant “Twiggy” Baker. Now, this is a wave of consequence. A runaway, screaming freight train with Baker as the adrenaline-crazed conductor. Your eyes will most likely water just from imagining the speed, nuance, and intensity of this ride. But, let us not psych you up any longer. 


So ja, we’re looking at some heavy hitters and the second to last month of the SHC18 has only just begun. There’s a lot of daylight and water time to be utilised between here and the December cutoff so you can be sure there’ll be a veritable wash through of lastminute.com entries. The more the merrier we always say. Just don’t miss the boat; get out from under the umbrella, suss the incoming swells, untie your man bun and cunningly bribe your mate or girlfriend to film you get barreled or beaten. What have you got to lose? There’s a return ticket to Hawaii, lank beer, accessories and 50 thousand big buffalos in it for the last man standing. Let’s do this.

Well played Derek, 2017 Striped Horse Challenge winner.

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