1 December, 2020 1 December, 2020


As the Nazaré Surf ban is still an issue for Portuguese Surfers the swell didn’t stop pumping for the past 2 weeks. They had a crazy run of swell, in this episode the boys got themselves fully equipped with helmets and went down to Portugals most feared wave, the Cave.
Cave, is such an insane wave. It’s a perfect wave until it isn’t, where deadly heads of rocks stick out of the water right in the line you gotta take to make it. You never know what to expect out there, ride of your life, or ticket to hell as many surfer have broken backs out there.
This time was a success, with the boys Miguel Blanco, Antonio Silva,  João Guedes and Pedro Levi getting some sick rides and most importantly no one getting hurt.
Filmed by @Eduardo_vento

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