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Urgent update
Dear Surfers entries for the Zigzag Durban Surf Pro presented by G-Force closes on the 17th April (Tomorrow). So please get your entries in ASAP. This is the first time in the history of Pro Surfing in South Africa that a surf mag has had naming rights to a WSL QS event. At this stage, there are still plenty spaces available in the open men’s field.

At present, the entries stand at:

38 men. (48-64 max)

30 women. (32 max)

18 pro junior men. (24 max).

16 pro junior women. (Full).

After Greg Emslie tore up the field on the first leg of the City Surf Series it would be great to see some more seniors showing the youngsters a thing or two. Que the big Foot Challenge 2.0


  1. Go to your internet explorer and type the words http://www.worldsurfleague.com/
  2. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.
  3. On the bottom left you will see the words COMPETITOR SERVICES. Please click on that and it will take you to MEMBER PRO.  Take a deep breath, we are still with you.
  4. Now find MEMBER PRO LOGIN and click on HERE. 
  5. On the top left, you will see a block called REGIONS
  6. Press on that and look for Africa, Click on Africa.
  7. Directly below Africa, you will see five different little boxes
  8. If you are NOT a previously registered member then you WILL need to join first. 
  9. You also need to select what type of membership you need.Membership Types One-off Event: Entitles you to enter one QS1,000-QS3,000, one LQS (Longboard) or one Junior (age permitting) event in the region you are a member of. If competing outside of your resident country insurance is required. Eligible for Ranking points.

    Junior Membership: Entitles you to enter any JQS (Junior) event (age permitting) in the region you are a member of. If competing outside of your resident country insurance is required. Eligible for Regional Ranking points from the region you belong to only. If you want to surf Junior events in other regions, then you need to be a Full Member. Remember that you cannot turn 19 in that year.

    Regional Membership Entitles you to enter any QS1,000-QS3,000, LQS (Longboard) and Junior (age permitting) event in the WSL Africa region only. Eligible for Ranking points.

    Longboard Membership Entitles you to enter any LQS (Longboard) in the region you are a member of. Eligible for Regional Ranking points from the region you belong to only.

    Full Membership Entitles you to enter any QS1,000-QS10,000, LQS (Longboard) and Junior event (age permitting) in the region you are a member of. If competing outside of your resident country insurance is required. Eligible for Ranking points.


  10. You will now get sent a LOGIN and PASSWORD. Please keep this in a safe place and write it down somewhere. 
  11. You can now go to EVENT REGISTRATION and start entering events.
  12. Now we come to a very important part of this document. Please read carefully:
  • Event Entry – Please note that you can enter any events if they have gone from TENTATIVE to CONFIRMED. You can do this at any time of the year and do not need to wait until lastminute.com. Once you have entered you will go to the event at WAIT. This means that NO MONEY will be deducted until the event closes for entries and you are selected for the event based on your previous years seeding. Please note that the closing is on the registration page and is generally 30 days before the event.
  • Loss of Seeding – The only way to lose your valuable seeding is NOT to enter on time. If you enter after the closing, you will lose your seeding and entry will then be based on your date of entry.
  • Surfers with NO seeding – If you go into the year with no seeding then your entry into each event will be based on your date of entry and if there are any spaces available. It could come down to the time you entered.
  • Please remember that once you have entered you can go back to the registration page and on the right-hand side you will see a +. Click on that and you will see the event entries.
  • Canceling an Event Entry
    Directly below Event Member Pro Login there is an area where you can send an event cancellation notice. Be sure to include your name, event name, and the reason for cancellation.
  • Rules Pertaining to Cancelling an Entry Please note the following rules from the WSL Rule Book to cancel your entry to any event. Very Important.

Article 44: Entry Cancellation, Refunds, and Medical Certificates

44.01 Subject to Article 44.02, Entry Fees will be forfeited from the

relevant Event’s closing date.

44.02 If an injury notification is delivered in writing to the relevant

WSL Regional Office prior to 7 days before the relevant Event Start Date and a medical certificate can be produced that complies with Article 44.05, the Surfer will receive a refund less a $50 administration fee.

44.03 All cancellations of Event entries after the Event entries have

closed must be in writing by email to cancellations@worldsurfleague.com detailing the name of the event, the reason for cancellation and your details.

44.04 If a cancellation is made by a CT Surfer in any QS 10000 event or

Women’s QS 10000 Events, the WSL Commissioner’s office has the right to replace them with another CT Surfer if available even though that Surfer may not have entered the event by the closing date. 

44.05 Medical certificates must be dated and produced no later than 48

hours after the respective cancellation or injury notification referred to in Article 44.02.

EXCEPTION: Where the Surfer cannot see their choice of a medical professional in which case the WSL Tour Manager will make the decision on whether the evidence provided is adequate.

Rule Book – It is most important that you know the rules. These days especially the Priority Rules. If in doubt, please feel free to ask your regional Tour Manager or your regional Head Judge or Priority Judge. The WSL Rule Book can be downloaded from the WSL Website. Each region will conduct Judges Clinics through the year. These clinics are also open to WSL registered competitors.

Surfers Behaviour – While the WSL is there to look after the needs of the members. We are also responsible for maintaining discipline and ensuring our members conduct themselves in both a professional manner both at the events and away from the contests.

Any breech of the rules will be dealt with accordingly. 

Please remember you are there to represent your sponsors and the event sponsors.

Thank you for joining the World Surf League in 2018. Good luck, Good Waves and Good results.

Kind Regards,

Colin Raymond Fitch

WSL Africa Operations Manager

World Surf League Africa

C: +27 82-699-4493 P:+27 21-534-5738


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    Are the quoting Zimbabwe Dollars?
    I hope so…

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