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Earth What? EARTHWAVE! – The Lowdown on this Year’s Festival

This Saturday sees the fifth running of the Earthwave Beach Festival down at Muizenberg’s wide sandy beach. The festival has grown from strength to strength since the inaugural Earthwave back in 2007, with a full lineup of events scheduled this year – including the first ever South African Tandem Surfing Championships.

Although the main focus of the festival is to spread the stoke of living a sustainable lifestyle, the highlight is the attempt at setting a Guinness World Record for the most surfers up and riding on a single wave at the same time. This record was previously set at Earthwave, then broken by some enthusiastic Brazzos, then reclaimed again – Earthwave (and South Africa) still hold that title, and this year they’re looking to put it out of reach for anyone who dares challenge them/us.

The coolest thing about the record attempt? Well ANYONE can get involved and be a world record holder. Well not anyone, you’ll need to at least be able to stand up on a surfboard and not be afraid to ride rail-to-rail with one of your fellow record breakers.

But that’s just the tip of the kelp head of what is a full day of action. To find out more Zag contacted event organiser Paul Botha to get the lowdown;

ZAG: Howzit Paul, you guys ready for this weekend’s Earthwave?
PAUL: We’re really amped for Earthwave this year! Interest in the festival is at an all-time high and with the support and energy of BOS Ice Tea and great event sponsors we’ve compiled a package of activities that will showcase the beach and surfing lifestyle and has something for everyone – from kids to athletes, families to party-animals, and everybody in between.

The main event is the attempt to crack the previous world record of 110 surfers riding the same wave (set at Earthwave 2009), but perhaps some people lose focus of the underlying message of Earthwave, which is to live a sustainable lifestyle. Will there be any educational activities to help promote this?
Since 2007 Earthwave has used the immense interest surrounding the attempt to break the Guinness World Record to promote sustainable lifestyle options. This year we’re fortunate to have oceanographer Lee-Ann Jacobs onboard and she has assembled a fantastic program of environmental aspects including talks by extreme adventurer and conservationist Braam Malherbe and the WWF, video presentations and a collection of brochures and pamphlets that cover a wide range of sustainable lifestyle options. Naturally those attending are encouraged to carpool or use public transport to get to the event and we conduct beach cleanups.

Surfers at the 2009 Earthwave make the dash before setting a new Guinness World Record.

This year sees the first ever SA Tandem Surfing Champs as part of the itinerary. Have you had a good response by teams looking to enter? Also is this open to everyone?
We’re excited about introducing tandem surfing to the festival and we’re surprised that the local surfers have been slow to take up the opportunity to be crowned the first champions in this historic surfing discipline. The ISA has started running an annual tandem world champs and Surfing South Africa is keen to send a team to the event. So to all those aspirant watermen out there – there is still space for you to grab a big board or SUP, find an enthusiastic girl and you could walk away with a set of hand-carved trophies, plenty of great prizes and the chance to represent your country

You’ve run a few of these Earthwave events before, so you know more than most what to expect. Briefly describe to some of our readers who haven’t had the privilege of attending just what can be expected at Earthwave 2012.
As mentioned, there’s something for everybody at Earthwave. Anyone who can stand up and ride a wave for five seconds can participate in the world record attempt on Sunday, or simply bring your surfboards to the event on Saturday and be part of making the world’s longest line of surfboards on a beach. There is also touch rugby, SUP races, schools and longboard surfing, a Dig for Gold treasure hunt, free introductory surf lessons, free testing for iron and glucose levels and surfer’s ear, skincare advice, fund-raising for Shark Spotters and the Sunflower Fund, after-parties each night, heaps of raffles, prizes and give-aways of top branded products, and much more

Lastly, how’s the forecast looking? A couple waves perhaps? Some good weather?
The forecast is looking really suitable for breaking the record this year. Literally hundreds of surfers of all ages and abilities are expected to paddle out in light offshore winds that will groom the rising swell into the long lines that Muizenberg is famous for. If everyone waits in a straight line for the right wave, we can easily get more than 110 on the same wave!

Thanks for your time Paul, we’re looking forward to boasting about a new world record.
Thanks for your interest and to all the sponsors and supporters who continue to make the BOS Earthwave Beach Festival Cape Town’s biggest celebration of beach culture.

Read the official press release here>>

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