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Dylan Lightfoot Presents – “J” Web-Series

Dylan Lightfoot has teamed up with Filmhouse, a production company operating out of Port Elizabeth, to produce a 6 part web-series sponsored by O’Neill and Northweek Sunglasses. The series “J” is based on the small town of Jeffery’s Bay (J-Bay) in the Eastern Cape. This documentary is not your stereotypical crop of surf edits, as it aims to provide insight and perspectives from the eye of a local – Dylan Lightfoot. It explores the diverse and dynamic environment capturing the essence of Jeffreys Bay in all its glory.

Image supplied by Mike Van Vuuren

“Growing up in Jeffery’s Bay has been a great privilege for me, I have managed to foster amazing friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. My whole life has been about competitive surfing and I felt like this project was a whole new realm, an unexplored avenue of interest entirely unique and refreshing. It has allowed me to become more grounded by going back to my roots, brewing up past emotions and that initial motivation for why I started surfing. My hope is that “J” will allow others to experience Jeffreys Bay through the eyes of a local and see what makes this special town so unique”.
Each episode provides an understanding of what the J-Bay community is all about, including surf events, such as the J Bay Open and JBU Supertrial. What makes this series special is that it looks into more than just surfing and branches off into aspects of J-Bay unfamiliar to most, such as the calamari industry through a venture through and aboard one of the chokka boats. Johann Potgieter (professional downhill MTB rider) also chimes in, taking viewers on a trip through the Garden route on a trail session.

Image supplied by Filmhouse production company

The series sports a star-studded cast with interviews from the likes of Graham Hynse (renowned surf coach), Thys Strydom (Rebel Surfboards), Mick Fanning, Jordy Smith and Ethan Ewing. These interviews have been included in the documentary to provide information regarding the amazing surf, vibe and lifestyle provided to tourists, families and youth at Jeffery’s Bay. The final episode looks at the history of the town with insight from the legendary Shaun Tomson and amazing footage of what J Bay looked like before it developed into the surfing mecca it is today.

Image supplied by Filmhouse production company

All episodes are roughly 5 minutes long, below is a description of each episode, which will be released every two weeks from the 9th of April. 
1)  JBU Supertrial
2) J Bay Open
3) Chokka industry and impact on J Bay
4) Go mountain bike riding with a professional downhill MTB rider
5) The youth and growing up in J Bay
6) A bit about the History of J Bay
The web-series is set to premiere in Cape Town on the 21st of March at Aces ‘n Spades and in Jeffreys Bay on the 23rd of March at J-Bay BruCo. So if you are in the area go ahead and save the date, this will no doubt be an event to remember. No need to book a spot, so grab your aunties, uncles and your mate’s cousins sisters hond and get involved. 

Image supplied by Filmhouse production company

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