11 October, 2016 11 October, 2016

Durban’s Monster Swell Gallery – October 2016

Now that some of the sand has settled, we invite you to relive the madness of last week’s insane late season action that lit up Durban’s city beaches. Everywhere from Vetches, the Mound and all the piers in between were given a proper scrubbing by the massive swell that rumbled into KwaZulu Natal, pulsing in at five metres with a fourteen second period, and re-arranging tons of concrete along the boardwalk. The Easterly swell direction ensured a straight line marching into the Durban basin and resulting in that extra chunk factor, the long period and good banks ensured that, if you had the bottle for it, some incredible waves were ridden. Even a few Striped Horse Challenge presented by RVCA and Hurricane Surf big wave entries were accumulated – strange days indeed.

“That was the biggest and most powerful swell seen in Durban since the cyclone in March 2007,” said evergreen Durban charger Mike Frew.

Put it down to global warming or a moody Neptune, this year’s winter has been pretty underwhelming. So it was a real treat to see the piers flare up and to check the ocean handing out the odd snotklap. Big wave chargers, beachcombers and pier-walkers alike were left in awe of the raw power. Every viewing space at Durban Surf Lifesaving Club was occupied and the conversation was thick with excuses, apologies and random old-injury flare ups. South Beach and uShaka were as crowded as they’ve ever been.

Now sit back and enjoy some of our favourite images from the swell, that thus far, has defined Durban’s season. Click images for full size…

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