4 February, 2020 4 February, 2020

Durban’s Changing of the Guard

Groms are not normal kids. They’re constantly frothing, have a seriously limited attention span and are hopelessly addicted to surf edits. Groms only seem to worry about two things, waves, and waves. Last week a hungry pack of groms took to the piers to test their metal. Mike Frew, a grom that never really grew up, was blown away by what he deemed a ‘seminal session‘.

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“I’ve surfed most of the main swells over the last 10 years and I’ve never seen so many youngsters out there like Saturday, a lot of them under the age of 14. Probably about 20 of them. It was so good to see the next generation giving it a go, the older guys were calling them into sets and overall such a good vibe. Cooper Smith, Matt Canning, Joel Trickett, Nate Colby, Guy McCarthy, Gabi Herbst, Surprise Mpanza, Cloe, Ben and James Ribbink, Tristan Frew, Louise Lepront, etc. That’s just the ones whose names I can recall. There were lots more of them, all charging and pushing each other to go. So lekker to see. Lots of leashes and boards snapped, cleanup sets and lessons learned for them but I really felt it was a seminal session, on the back of the last swell in November where we saw them doing step offs at North.” ~ Mike Frew.

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It’s weekends like the one past, that should serve as a reminder to one’s self on what being a grom was all about, how important it is to recalibrate priorities. So take a lesson from a grom, enjoy your surf, don’t worry about life, share the stoke and get involved – you’ll be a better surfer and a better person because of it.

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