11 July, 2013 11 July, 2013

Durban City Planners Making Waves


It’s not only the waves the Durban Municipality are looking to sort-out with the current upgrading of the Golden Mile’s piers – they’re also combatting beach erosion, and by filling the inside of the piers with hundreds of sandbags the strong currents that are currently washing through the pylons and making them a hazard to get too close to, will be re-directed.

Even better news is that according to years of tube-tested and scientific research, when these currents are re-directed (creating the familiar conveyer-belt rip next to the pier that quickly deposits the locals back at the take-off peak after each wave), it more often than not leads to much sicker waves, dude!

Not that the Surf City locals have been complaining, with the past few days firing along the Durban beachfront.


Here’s an Instagram snappie Jordy took of the sandbags lined-up and awaiting their final wave-producing resting place.



  1. Trevor
    11 July, 2013 at 1:33 pm · Reply

    Yes please. Been waiting a long time for this. Since Sutcliffe’s hot air.

  2. bro9
    11 July, 2013 at 3:10 pm · Reply

    Great idea, but..Pity the harbour mouth extension has stopped all the south swell getting into town…

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