25 October, 2017 25 October, 2017

Dungeons Comes to Life

Those big red blobs slinging towards South Africa from the deepest darkest Southern Ocean, gets them big wave chargers frothing. Tracking the storm’s every move. Hoping. Praying, that the seven moons of Jupiter align, to light up those big wave spots with perfect winds and huge but groomed lines. 

Monday 23rd October saw Dungeons slammed with a solid 20-foot swell and the commencing of the Rebel Sessions 2017. A crew of 20 invited big wave surfers put their bodies in harm’s way, searching for the rides of their lives. It was big, it was tough, but it’s Dungeons, what else do you expect? We can’t wait for the Striped Horse Challenge entries we’re about to receive from the day’s action! Stay tuned.

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