17 July, 2012 17 July, 2012

Do your bit at The Berg on Mandela Day

There are worse places to be on a Wednesday morning, especially when it’s for a good cause. Photo by Craig Wilson / www.surfers-corner.co.za

The Berg’s surfing community is doing their 67-minutes of good for Mandela Day tomorrow by gathering on the beach to try win R10k for a safe house for trafficked women. Join them. All you’ve gotta do is get to Surfer’s Corner at 3.30pm and help spell out the words “Good Hope” with a group of fellow surfers. If radio station GoodHope FM reckons this is the best entry for their “Goodhope’s Craziest Fan” competition, it’ll win the R10k for the S-Cape House. The safe house is in dire need of cash.
Here’s more on the work they do and why it’s so badly needed.


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