17 January, 2019 17 January, 2019

‘Deep Blue’ 20ft White Shark Spotted in Hawaii

“My first reaction was just disbelief,” Mark Mohler, who captured the images. “She followed three tiger sharks in toward the whale carcass, and her sheer size made them look like barracudas.”

F***********ken hell, not sure what to say on this one… Just look at that girth!! Ladies and gentlemen meet ‘Deep Blue’ a 50-year-old 20ft long machine. Personally, it would be a dream to be in the water with this magnificent specimen, but that’s me (full on shark frother) speaking. 

Anyway, Deep Blue was first sighted a couple years back over 4000km away in Mexico, quickly going viral and rightfully so. Last weekend the shark was spotted in Hawaii just off Oahu and is believed to be the biggest white shark on record 

Featured Image: Mark Mohler

In the past few years, Deep Blue has become so famous that she even has her own Twitter account. As you can tell by the footage, she looks pretty swollen, no doubt as a result of feeding on a sperm whale carcass about 20 miles off Oahu’s southern shore.

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