13 April, 2018 13 April, 2018

Buffalo City Surf Pro – Day 1

So yesterday the wind was pumping onshore. Pomping. The rip was flowing like the river of Jordan down the point, washing people down like garbage out to sea after a torrential downpour on the east coast of Bali. But today, today was a different occasion. The wind backed off, the swell dropped, and we arrived at Nahoon to witness cheeky 3ft peaky runners rolling down the point. It was, however, a cheap swell, and it slowly died throughout the day, leaving with it a dashing of upsets.

Here’s who impressed us on the first day of the Mitchum Buffalo City Surf Pro presented by Reef.

Darcy de Clouett on form. Image: Ian Thurtell


Diran’s Back on Track

Diran’s been looking pretty damn hot throughout the first few stops of the City Surf Series, but the pendulum hasn’t quite swung his way. Until today. Where he decimated the lip multiple times on his backhand. Diran looks controlled and at ease. Which is a difficult combination to acquire during a heat given the stress involved. He takes his time off the bottom and doesn’t mind one bit releasing the tail off the top. He used the first two events of the City Surf Series to wash off the competitive jitters, and now he’s turning up the heat. Diran amassed the second highest heat score of the day, a 15.00, second only to the Arian prince, Dylan Lightfoot.

Ford’s Rail Work – Sharper Than a Pollsmoor Gangsters Knife 

Where did Ford refine his rail work? We wanna know. Longbeach has roughly 1000 people out everyday, Muizenberg’s pure slush, and there are 2000 people out there on a daily basis, Dunes only consist of barrels and Krons is a glorified closeout. Sharp as a gangsters knife in Pollsmoor Prison is Ford’s rail work and it reminded us of early 90’s punk featuring Matt Archbold (built for speed) and Shane Powell. The boys up in the tower didn’t agree, they wanted you to bang the lip, but very few waves allowed for that approach and Ford was only forwarded a mere 8.85 for his efforts. His scores certainly didn’t display his talent, or how magnificent those carves were to witness, but Ford made it through the heat, and we’ll be seeing those 90’s carves for at least one more day. 

A rail game as sharp as a Pollsmoor prison gangster’s knife.

Remi Surfs Like He Does at Supers

When Remi surfs Supers, it’s world class. Beautiful. He draws the longest most beautiful high lines and bangs the lip harder than anyone on his backhand. If only Supers was a club and banging the lip was a dance move, Remi would be a smooth playa. Operating the ladies in the least sexist way possible. But give the man a rashie, a 20minute clock, and some competitors and all the wheels blow out. They don’t just come off. They literally blow out. Leaving him stuck on the side of the road with only one spare, and three blown tyres. 

Lying in second with ten minutes to go, in Port Alfred, we witnessed Remi paddle off the Point and start trying air reverses at the beachie. Unsuccessfully. How odd. His hat fully in the ring, Remi went over and took it out.  But today Remi thought Nahoon was Supers and surfed it accordingly. With 5 minutes to go, Remi found himself a cracker of a wave and went absolutely ballistic. Belting the lip multiple times for a 7.00 to knock out one of the event favourites, Adin Masencamp, who subsequently packed his car and stormed off the contest site. Remi should pretend he’s out at Supers more often. 

Enjoy a gallery and video from the day’s action. All images were taken by Ian Thurtell. As per usual.



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