28 February, 2018 28 February, 2018

Cyclone ‘Dumazile’ to Rock Reunion

A cyclone dubbed Dumazile, Zulu for ‘she disappoints’, is on her way to rock the shores of Reunion. This will be the second cyclone to run over the French Island this year. Originating off the east coast near the Northern most point of Madagascar, the cyclone heads south charging up along the way. If the Global Forecasting System (GFS) can be trusted as much as the car guards who keep your keys safe while you surf, then there should be one helluva swell heading Durban’s way. 

At present, there is merely a benign section of convection emanating about 500 nautical miles north of Reunion known as a ’94s’. Cyclone.com had the following to say: Animated multispectral satellite imagery depicts consolidating, flaring convection above a low-level circulation (llc). A 271051z SSMI 85ghz microwave image shows a notch feature in the convection above the llc. 94s is aided by an upper-level anticyclone creating adequate divergence aloft and low (10-15 knot) vertical wind shear.”

To all the meteorologist/surfers out there I’m sure you know whats being said, for the rest of us (me included) here’s a better understanding of this weather jargon. Dumazile will not form into a tropical cyclone over the next two days, from there it is expected to consolidate and gain strength whilst it heads southwest towards Madagascar, although how fast it will move is still up for debate.  

Equipt with data from the GFS, windy.com  feels somewhat differently. This Thursday and Friday the previously mentioned 94s turns into a full-blown cyclone, heading southwest then shifting more south skirting in between Madagascar and Reunion before heading out into the open ocean next week Tuesday. As of Wednesday next week, Dumazile will start to roar with wind gusts up 105 knots 2000 km east of Durban. 

Durban, this post is for you. Hopefully, the waves live up to the hype and swell similar to that produced by cyclone Berguitta at the start of the year hits the east coast. If you’re busy on the weekend of the 10th, cancel your plans and wax-up. 


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