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With the dust from JBay settling in the rearview, the Corona Coastal Cleanup Tour headed off to one of the most aesthetically pleasing stops along the Durban to Cape Town stretch, Wilderness. On route, Frank Solomon met up with the team from Cloudbase paragliding in Sedgefield for an afternoon of mainlining adrenaline, straight from the clouds.

Whilst Frank took to the air the rest of the team took 5 steps back, 3 deep belly breathes and enjoyed the view from the Cloud 9 jump site, one siiiick enough to make a hadeda cry. 

Once touching base with the terrestrial, the crew linked up with Jay Van Deventer a member of ‘The Bateleurs‘, an environmental Non-Profit Company (NPC) operating throughout Southern Africa. Jay extended an invite our way to join him at his house for some fresh peaches and Corona, who says no to that? 

With over 200 volunteer pilots and aircraft, the Bateleurs provide an aerial perspective of the environment and have coordinated several diverse missions in support of environmental issues.  Its mission is well-aligned with the United Nations Millennium Goals, ensuring environmental sustainability and assisting with the integration of the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes. The Bateleurs provide decision-makers, researchers, educators, other NPC’s and the media with information which assists them to make sound environmental decisions.

Sticking with the altitude theme, the team climbed once more, this time along a dirt road running parallel to the shore, views for days up in these parts son! Peaking and whilst licking their chops watching the lines roll in from the deep, Jay gave us an MTV Cribs guided tour of his ‘green’ house. The man had it all from solar panels to a tilapia packed fish pond, sustained by the fruits of a flourishing and flippen luscious garden boxed in by an electrified fence to keep natures top hoodlums out, baboons.

Once an extremely successful stockbroker, Jay made a conscious decision, saying ‘f**k this’ as he shook the suit and frequent flyers miles to start living a greener life. Nowadays Jay takes great joy out of slamming the lip as he boosts kak high, pulling into jet streams kite surfing. Alternatively, you can find the man styling whilst paragliding amongst the birds. Jokingly Jay admits the most satisfying feeling he gets in life is thanks to the big fat 0 that greets his eyes on opening his rates bill from Eskom, yah no hell that must feel good ey!

So what was the take-home message? The best thing you can do is something, whilst the worst thing you can do is nothing. So make the switch to a solar geyser, install sensors on your lights, shop locally, grow your own and stop complaining that everything is hard. Think of it as a puzzle, where each piece adds to the bigger picture. Make sure your piece slots in there and doesn’t get kicked under the couch, lost and forgotten. Be present in the frame, be part of that magic baby and most importantly be laka!

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