3 July, 2019 3 July, 2019



After having a whale of a time (gotta love a good cliché) and receiving the boot from our Airbnb host, the tour stretched its legs one last time. Cape Town bound and high on nostalgia, the mother city was calling our names. After being starved of waves along the way, Cape Town decided to through us a bone, not a big lamb shank sized bone but rather one from a chop. Never the less, oues chowed that bone.

With stomachs full and spirits higher than Snoop Dogg, Frank pulled out the Corona flags, dusted off the bibs and set up shop in front of the Milnerton Lifesaving Club, for the last beach clean up of the tour. Even in the throes of rush hour traffic, the mense pulled through to lend a Western Cape hand to the sand. With a dense fog bank blanketing the shore like a scene out of Pirates of the Carribean, the cleanup crew rolled down their sleeves (it was damn cold!) and started sorting the organic from the synthetic. 

The atmosphere could not have been more dramatic as beach cleaners emerged from the distance in an ethereal salty haze, escorting hand fulls of plastic as they dodged dried bits of kelp and frigid waters en route to the Parley stamped silo bags.  With 90 minutes on the clock, and extra time looming, the cleanup crew buried a late one against marine plastic, cracking some Corona and cheersing to a trip well done.

Following the cleanup, Frank arrived back in the mother city, Cape Town. Here he met up with artist Thirza Schaap, a Dutch artist and photographer that has been living in Cape Town for the past 6 years. Thirza was initially drawn to Cape Town due to its beautiful landscapes and breathtaking beaches. 

Thiriza now runs an NGO called ‘Plastic Ocean’ where she collects plastic from the Capes beaches from which she produces beautiful works of art. The art is used to create awareness and promote a sense of marine stewardship regarding marine plastic pollution. 

To everyone we met along the way, and to everyone out there doing their bit to combat marine pollution and climate change, we thank you. The tour may have come to a close, but that sure as hell don’t mean Frank and the efforts of everyone involved followed suit. Stay tuned for the web series, documenting the various characters we met along the way, outlining their efforts to conserve and protect. Peace!

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