25 July, 2019 25 July, 2019

Corona Open – Surfing’s Free Anyway

One of the greatest surfing events in championship tour history is all over, but luckily, we’ve got some juicey free surf footage that took place between singlet changes to help with your post-event depression (it’s a real thing with doctors, medicine and everything).  

If you’ve spent any time in Jeffreys Bay outside of the Corona Open, or when there’s no swell about, you’ll know it resembles that of a ghost town. If you look closely, you’ll witness tumbleweeds hurling ass down Da Gama while people shuffle about between the facebrick with heavy feet. Nothing to do, nothing to say.

But, crack the first Corona of the surf season and the whole dynamic changes. Grumpy old folk get a spring in their step, their backs straighten out and skin gets an ironing. Looking smooth, creaky joints be damned! It’s like the whole town catches a case of that Benjamin Button disease! 

With swell on the map, the sun’s rays seem brighter than usual and those tumbleweeds are whisked away by that sweet South Westerly. The ambiance around shops, bars and the streets are filled with “Hey bro, have you seen the swell that’s coming!?” Hell, even the petrol attendants will be waxing their step-ups between delivering petrol and washing your windows. 

Whilst you were watching the worlds best lock horns during heats, we were round the corner and down the street surfing a different beat and getting it all on film. If free surfing was on the menu at Nina’s, it would be under finger foods. Why, cause there’s something for everyone and it keeps you coming back for more. 

Buckle up, push play and enjoy full rotations and mad carves on a dik Supertubes platter.

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